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Get Out of Town: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo



by Peggy DePersia, Guest Blogger

As I was leafing through catalogs ushering in new visions for spring and summer, I was struck by the 1/2 page mandate in one particular catalog to: ‘Get Out of Town’.

 With a fit young woman standing atop a vintage VW van, the image and directive seemed to tap into all of the fantasies for adventure and exotic travel that framed my youth. The vintage VW van was a sort of visual summary statement. We and our friends were driven by dreams of jumping into almost any kind of vehicle and driving across the country; California being the ultimate destination. Or how about a back packing trip to Europe or roughing it in a pup tent in one of our splendid national parks? We were all about it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that the dreams live on. Destinations morph into previously undreamed possibilities and fantasies take on a life of their own. Yet, the yearning for escape, adventure and the beauty of an exotic locale or the drama of a new cultural phenomenon to ‘take us away’ has great allure.


With ‘Spring Break’ just around the bend, I am reminded of a recent ‘break from winter’ get-a-way that had much of the sparkle and light of my youthful imaginings.




It provided a change of pace that, in this case, included a change of scenery, a different culture, a soothing mix of light, color and natural beauty……..skies truly are different all over the world yet there is seldom anything that can compete with a setting sun anywhere in the world. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are no exception.




Not to be excluded from this reminiscence is a healthy dose of restorative quiet; a luxury in our fast paced 21st century world, the luxury of time to read, chat (do people actually chat these days) nap, lounge (they even make chairs for just this purpose), and meander…..wherever.





Photo1Dreaming of “Getting out of Town” Peggy recently retired as a high school art teacher and now devotes her time to teaching at Kendall College of Art and Design and living creatively.

Both Peggy and her husband, Jerry,  enjoy travel on or near water and time with their darling grand son Oliver.



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