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Rancho La Puerta is Heaven on Earth


 Rancho La Puerta in Tecate,  Mexico is my idea of Heaven on Earth.   Delicious heathy food presented beautifully.  Exercise of all varieties.  Spiritual experiences.  Retreat, rest and relaxation.  Stimulating speakers. Amazingly beautiful setting bordered by the mystical Mount Kuchumaa.

Its a special place to share with special people since 1940.

If you haven’t heard of this gorgeous spot at the top of the Baja Peninsula, go to my first blog post about it “Rancho La Puerta Camp for Grown-ups.  Get the scoop and then hop back here for more.

There aren’t too many places I feel compelled to return to frequently, but “The Ranch” as regulars fondly referred to my heaven on earth is one of them.

I recently made my sixth visit and can’t wait for the next one.

Until that happens, will you please join me while I meander the ranch, enjoying the bushes, paths, blooming flowers and amazing vistas.   After that, we’ll explore the abundant organic garden.



Don’t miss the signposts…..even the way to the laundry room is cute.








The six acre organic garden  is huge and run by a wonderful farmer.  Each week, guests have an opportunity to take a two mile walk over to the garden, enjoy a lovely breakfast in the Rancho La Puerta cooking school and then tour the garden with Salvador Tinajero, the head gardener.


This is a bit of what we saw.


 But there’s more.  Even the compost is interesting.  All the refuse from our daily (mostly) vegetarian fare is piled up and turned into organic compost to be used for growing the delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables.  If you look closely at this first photo you see a “new” compost pile behind the mature one being shoveled up to be used to fertilize the vegetables we consume while at the Ranch.

During the tour, the Salvador showed us picture perfect  vegetables. “This might be on your plate at lunch,”  he grinned.

 Wow.  Really? 

Yes, really.


And not to be missed is the garden sculpture (their version of a scare crow?).



I’m home now…..but contemplating my next trip to the Ranch with its the magnificent mountains, meandering paths, gorgeous grounds and the time away from a some sometimes chaotic life.  Of course, I look for forward to  the hikes, Pilates, yoga, stretching, massages, facials, veggie burgers and bountiful salads, good conversations and time to savor the sunrises.

For more information about this award winning fitness retreat/spa go to their web site.


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    May 1, 2012 Reply

    How lovely, Susan…I’m already dreaming of the time when I can go there and experience a week of sheer bliss!

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    May 1, 2012 Reply

    Gorgeous pictures, Sue. Great description of an unbelievable place!

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    The Importance of Place: Rancho La Puerta | DesignDestinations
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