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Remodelista. com

The rain falls heavily on the lake out my window.   Pounding.  So, I head to one of my favorite designdestinations in the blogoshere.   It’s like a stroll through the jam packed showrooms of cutting edge stuff in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Better actually.  Easier on the feet and I can sip a glass of wine or cup of green tea.

What I particularly like about the Remodelista folks is that they take a category of product like black and white clocks or contemporary mailboxes and then show 8 to 10 examples in a wide range of prices.  Man, if you’re shopping for something specific, it sure saves time.  Great way to compare your options.

I’ve been reading a lot of design blogs lately, trying to understand what is going on in this New Media.  Many of them show a few products and then ramble on about what the cat is doing.  I like Remodelista because it gets to the point.   I really don’t care about the latest antics of Heloise, the ancient Siamese who lives with the author of the blog.

I started looking at the site  when we tackled  a major redo of a 1960s contemporary house three years ago.  Now I’m hooked even though my shopping list is short and the project is pretty much done.   It’s like the old days when we wandered down an urban main street oogling the hot and new stuff in the store windows, exclaiming, “Oh my gosh, will you look at that?”   It’s just fun to see what’s out there.

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Susan J. Smith
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    Sue Taylor
    Sep 16, 2009 Reply

    I’m loving this…your photography is beautiful.

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