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Edinburgh Highlights

When I think of Edinburgh, Scotland,  bagpipers,  the gateway to golfing and maybe an image of Mary Queen of Scots floats into my mind.  Yes, these are all parts of this old and interesting city way north in the British Isles.

But there’s more. Yes.  Lots more.  Here are a few other sights you might see if you go there like I did.

First, is the Castle.  The over 1000 year old structure is perched high on a hill, designed for the protection of its initial inhabitants.  My feeling is that the best thing about it is the view, so don’t go on a cloudy day.  Pick the best weather possible and head to the top for the 360 degree look at the city.




The dog cemetery in the foreground of the photo below is something I haven’t seen before.  Since I know a Scamp, this tombstone particularly caught my eye.


I am intrigued with the “repurposed” churches.   The tall one, on the way up the hill to the Castle is now a coffee shop and special event venue.   And so is the one in the area called the Grass Market, below the Edinburgh Castle.


But this one, oh my,  it has been reinvented as a late hours club, complete with a Sin theme and Devilish decor.  We didn’t go inside but I’ll bet it would have some folks shuddering with others whooping it up during late hours or long dark winter months.




In general, my impression is that Edinburgh is pretty gray.  Dark stone buildings.  A fair amount of cloudy sky.  The contrasting  brightly painted stores and even a party bus made me smile as I made my way around the city.


And lastly, a new take on an old garment.  This is the bellman at the Missoni Hotel, wearing an Italian version of the iconic Scottish Garment.  And isn’t he cute?


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    Cindy Schad
    May 23, 2013 Reply

    Loved your post on Edinburgh. Especially the fascinating “repurposed” churches!

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    Edinburgh Above and Underground. | DesignDestinations
    May 30, 2013 Reply

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