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Chicago: a visual feast


Recently I went to Chicago for the day to go to two art exhibits–a wonderful photography presentation at the Chicago Institute of Art and a Calder exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Both were interesting, stimulating and worth seeing.

One doesn’t have to go to a museum, however, see see lots of creative sights in this big and amazing city.  Here are a few that I spotted in my brief time there.

Yes, the big green box is a recycled refrigerator.  Spotted on Michigan Avenue.

Walking along the Chicago River, enjoying the reflections in the buildings.

Of course, I thought of Izzy and all my canine friends when I saw this in Crate and Barrell.

Next time: going to enjoy lunch by “the bean.”  Lovely spot.

I’m such a sucker for “reflections.” These are all images in the windows of the Chicago Institute of Art on Michigan Avenue.

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