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Miami Beach, North and South



by Linda Laughter, Guest Blogger

Miami Beach, North and South 2016

For a fun vacation, with great architecture, unique food, international tourists and residents, you have found the place.

We went to Miami as first time visitors. Our internet hunt for a condo in North Beach landed us in a cultural mix of folks from all over the world with few other senior citizens like ourselves. I was in the pool when a young girl yelled from the shallow end, “Does anybody here speak English!”

All the other splashing children were a mini United Nations. We enjoyed the diversity and the youthful feeling!

I was unaware that this area has a vibrant Orthodox Jewish community, with dozens of Kosher pizza parlors, sushi bars and Chinese restaurants. There are several synagogues and shuls. I loved these folks who live their religion every day.

The fully clothed haredi Orthodox Jewish women lounge by the pool alongside Spanish tourists dressed in Speedo bathing suits. When in street clothes they are allowed to wear wigs as hair covering. I saw two of these ladies and tried to capture their shyness to all that circles around them. On the bench was a wig box.

Our next venture was to South Beach. We took the South Beach Official Art Deco District Walking Tour and thoroughly enjoyed it! The colors and details of this style just make you smile.


Our guide was excellent and even took us a block over to see the Mediterranean style of the Post Office. I had to capture the antique car sitting by the curb by some great looking cafes.

old car
In the evening we found Española Way. Though it’s located in the city’s Art Deco District, the area was modeled after the Mediterranean village of Spain and France and was originally built as a meeting place by Miami Beach’s wealthiest citizens.
This two block area lights up at night with restaurants and small boutiques. The offerings were seafood, Cuban, Mexican, tapas and more.

Española Way
Other not to miss venues are the New World Symphony Center, designed by Frank Gehry. I checked on line and was able to score two free tickets to hear The Musicians Forum. These are young musicians who are up and coming and they were amazing.

We also loved the Perez Art Museum with its dramatic entrance of hanging plantings and avant guard art. We ate lunch overlooking Biscayne Bay and just relaxed in the sunshine.


susanLinda Laughter is a practicing interior designer and part-time painter in Ada, MI. She and her architect husband love to travel and enjoy all the architectural details and God’s beauty the world has to offer.

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