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The High Line: A Walk in the Park

 High Line New York City

 Walking the High Line

Walking the High Line in New York City is a super fun thing to do.  I’ve headed to the west side of Manhattan to stroll the 1.7 mile elevated park pretty much every year since the park opened in 2009.

 What is the High Line?

It is a long narrow park created out of an old elevated railroad track.  To read more about the High Line, click on Head up to the High Line  or The High Line: New York City’s Park in the Sky.   If you don’t know about it,  it is worth a quick read.

Watching the progress and development of the area of the High Line over the years has been fascinating.  First, check out the Standard Hotel, that straddles the park. It’s a very hip and trendy spot to hang out. More hotels in the area have opened.

Over time we watched development and this recent visit was no exception.  It seems that every vacant spot is now filled with construction and cranes.  The Whitney Museum, long time icon on the upper East side of Manhattan, is moving to this area and many shops and restaurants and art galleries have populated the spaces near the High Line.

Construction on the Highline

 In fact, we saw a sign using the word High Line in a new way.

High Line your business.

High Line Your Business

 Chelsea Market

One must not forget the Chelsea Market, a repurposed Nabisco Factory,  high on the tourist tour list.  I enjoyed peeking into the Food Network’s space at one end of this marvelous old brick building.  To read about Chelsea Market, click here.

Food Network Studio

 What’s so Great about the High Line?

So, why do people love the High Line?  Well, it’s outdoors and it’s a park.  It’s up in the sky. Quiet private spots invite.  Lounging areas are great.  You can play in the water.  And marvelous plants, trees and flowers create a delightful garden.  It’s a “Walk in the Park” complete with musicians, ice cream and a retreat from busy urban life.








It’s not done yet either.

Another section of the High Line will open soon. Stay tuned to  For sure, I’ll get there.

High Line  Expanding Soon


Look around at the Art….it is everywhere!






I love the creativity expressed in the area.  The art on the billboards and buildings change.  Always some thing new.  I also love the modern architecture. It appears that one “Starchitect” after another are trying to outdo each other.



 It had just rained when we were there recently.  Stopping to shot photos of the reflections in the water slowed me down just a tad.  I think that’s what public spaces like the High Line are all about.

Enjoying reflections in the rain water on the High Line

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  1. posted by
    Barbara Rohwer
    Jun 24, 2014 Reply

    Susan, thanks for the great photography – and how fortunate it had just rained! We love this piece of NYC. To think that not so very long ago, it was a weed filled elevated abandoned railway! Talk about repurpose!

  2. posted by
    Peggy DePersia
    Jun 24, 2014 Reply

    The photo of the drenched walkway almost mimics a facade from one of the ‘new’ buildings…..urban echoes. Has me yearning. Our visit to the high line was at the end of January; a different kind of ‘walk in the park ‘ yet exhilarating nonetheless.

  3. posted by
    Architectural Boat Tour of Manhattan | DesignDestinations
    Jul 7, 2014 Reply

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  4. posted by
    kim Cornetet
    Jul 7, 2014 Reply

    Great photos of the High Line. Such a fun place to go in NYC

  5. posted by
    Jul 7, 2014 Reply

    Amazing pictures with great sharing…


  6. posted by
    The High Line in New York | DesignDestinations
    Nov 17, 2016 Reply


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