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Photo Challenge in Chicago

 Last week I had a very brief stop over in Chicago with barely enough time to do anything so I decided to challenge myself with snapping whatever photos I could using my new IPhone 5S.  The buzz about this phone is that the camera is better than ever.  I decided to try and see what I capture with only my sleek newly shaped Iphone in hand.

First, an image from the train.  I think this is Saint Joe, Michigan.  Always my favorite spot where the train chugs over water.  And then soon after that……a quick shot in front of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute. Even on a very rainy fall day, the colors are fabulous.











Near the Big Bean in the Millennium Park I spotted these fellas.  What happy ceramic sculptures to brighten a pretty gray gloomy day.










 No trip to Chicago would be complete without a quick trip to North Michigan Avenue.  I was sorry to see Christmas trees on Halloween.  Confusing the seasons.   Loved the sales associates who got into the spirit of Halloween and donned a costume.




















The space in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago is often filled with something interesting to ponder.  I found no exception.












No trip is complete without shooting photos of the Bean and the huge water towers in Millennium Park.  For fun, I tried capturing these loved and familiar Chicago landmarks at night.  Continuing the project of using only  my now constant “ready-to-shoot”  Iphone 5S.  What do you think?













 I tried snapping a few images out the window of the University Club on Michigan Avenue where we were staying.












And then how about the Calder…..makes me think of my home town, Grand Rapids, where our Calder is the city’s icon.  I got a kick out of the oversized lamps in the W Hotel, at one time  a bank.  Certainly fills the cavernous lobby with an unexpected element.







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  1. posted by
    Melanie Rogers
    Nov 5, 2013 Reply

    Love the big lamps, find the ceramic “Pigs?” scary (like, clown-scary), and always enjoy your photos and observations!

  2. posted by
    Nov 6, 2013 Reply

    Absolutely beautiful picture quality. I am hoping Santa will bring me an iphone5 this Christmas 🙂

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