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St. Petersburg, Russia–a city to see.

Don’t you just love it when someone gives you a great travel recommendation! 

It’s the best.  This happened last summer when a great friend and wonderful traveler, Kathleen Golden, emailed me saying,  “You have to do something on St. Petersburg, Russia on your blog.  It’s fabulous.”  

Kathleen and her husband were on the Sojourn, originating in Copenhagen and ending in Stockholm.  She sent me some notes and some photos and I’ve compiled them here. 


Sounds like a great spot to visit. I’ve added it to my bucket list.  

 Visiting St. Petersburg, Russia

by Kathleen Golden

Russia spans over eight time zones.  It is amazing to imagine the vastness of this country and it’s cultural diversity.   There is daylight and plenty of it but also winter in July.  We experienced rain and more rain.  It was the coldest winter I’ve ever spent in the summer.

Entering Russia is quite restrictive. It is worth getting a visa to move around town independently.

The Hermitage is still amazing.  I visited it 40 years ago and found it just as wonderful. It is the third largest museum in the world.

I recommend that you work to be the first people through the door. It becomes crazy in a few hours with tourists.

If you can, try to hire a young brilliant docent names Vladamir. He is an international lawyer never having been in an English speaking country yet his  English was perfect.


Catherine the Great’s  Palace is a stunning place to view in the evening.   We were welcomed with vodka and caviar. Yeah!! And  A grand tour then a string concert of Mozart, tango and Beethoven.  All this  while sipping champagne. A lovely minuet was presented.

As we were leaving, a horse and carriage appeared and dancers waltzing.  A truly unforgettable evening.

Don’t forget to shop in the market. With cash, bargaining is possible. We fell in love  with the miniature replicas of Faberge eggs as earrings or pendants.

Boat rides through the city are lovely yet treacherous. Never ever stand unless decapitation would be your death of choice.

I love this city!!


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    Judy Bereza
    Nov 15, 2012 Reply

    Susan, you are not only a passionate global traveler, you also know fellow enthusiasts who are happy to share their experiences. My appreciation to you and Kathleen!

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