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Another New Year Celebration has Come and Gone

Another New Year Celebration in the Memory Bank.

Like many people, we spent it watching a “ball” of sorts dropping on to a city street.  This was our second year to hang out in Traverse City with good friends enjoying the festivities of this charming Northern Lower Michigan town.  Here are some images from the experience.  If you’d like to read more about celebrating Traverse City style, check out this blog post about last year’s Traverse City New Year’s.    Both were great.

While most people’s thoughts have moved on to football games on TV, New Year’s resolutions and plans for 2012, I’m remembering the visual delight of the scenes up north.  Hope you enjoy with me.

I’m also remembering my best New Year’s Eve ever.  We spent it in Japan in Koyoto ringing in the New Year Japanese style with our family.

Read about this experience here.    It will also stay with me.

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