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Time for ArtPrize!

ArtPrize is less than two weeks away and already  colorful and creative art work is popping up in Grand Rapids to be admired, enjoyed and soon to be voted on.  I’m really pumped about what I’m seeing.  Going to be another really great time in Grand Rapids.

Recently I took a short walk around downtown to see installations already in place. The creative energy is palpable.

I really love the huge mural on the wall of WMCAT.  It’s truly a Wow.  Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment or experience to know how  to photograph the whole thing adequately but here are some snippets to enjoy.  You can’t miss it.  As you come into town on Fulton from the East it is an immediate eye catcher.







I am sorry they had to cover over last year’s entry.  I enjoyed its happy addition to the community but understand that sometimes art is transient.



Outside of the Children’s Museum a “participatory” ArtPrize entry was in the works.  Folks were invited to paint the forms of children……when done they will be an ArtPrize entry.  It’s a cliche’ but clearly the chance to express your “inner artist” is at hand.

I meandered down to the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  The GRAM  jumped the gun  and opened their ArtPrize entries to the public this week.  While you can’t vote yet, you can go in and see their substantial offerings. Here are some that caught my eye.




Be sure to make a stop at the GRAM to see these works of art and more.

Another place you can visit right away to have an interesting conversation is Kendall College of Art and Design.  Jonathan Brilliant is installing sculpture made of 70,000 coffee sticks without the aid of any glue or fasteners.   He told me he is inspired by the basket weavers of his home in South Carolina.  He picked coffee stirrers because “they are found items from my favorite habitat–the coffee shop.”

He  welcomes conversation while he continues his installation in, can you believe it, the gallery right next to the school’s coffee shop.  Enjoy!

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    Sep 11, 2011 Reply

    Wow is hardly a big enough word is it??? Yet it is one of the biggest we’ve got in modern  
    lingo. We know It says a lot!!! The buzz is humming and we’re still a week away…….

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