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Enjoying the Batobus


I have been editing photos from our recent Paris trip and discovered even more to share about riding the Batobus.  It’s more than getting from here to there.

If you are new to and haven’t read about the Batobus, here are links to two posts.  Mooning the Batobus and Riding the Batobus. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed.

Here’s why.  What fun it was to look up at the Bridge of Love. Couples come here to place a lock on the bridge to symbolize their commitment to each other. Didn’t catch anyone in the act but will keep trying.  Saw this in Cinque Terre (click here to read about) and I understand there is a bridge in Rome where one can view the same.

The people on the Batobus are fun to watch too.  Lots of children.  We were entranced with this sweetie.


I am most fascinated with seeing the houseboats along the Seine.  I’d like to stay in one if I could, especially the one with the Amphicar on the back.  The red car in the photo can go in both water and on land.  Ohhhh, it would be a hoot  to cruise the Seine in that.   Maybe some time.

Life along the river is clearly a lot of fun.

And best of all, on the Batobus, it is great to get a different view of some of the iconic sights in Paris.


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