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My Bucket List

Like many compulsive travelers I’ve been glued to the TV, Internet and other sources of news to learn about the volcano in Iceland and the horrendous impact it is having on travel in Europe.   And like lots of folks, we know people stuck there, trying to figure out how to get home, to or from emergency situations, vacations and  business meetings. These folks will have stories to tell for years.

I have been interested in learning about volcanoes and about Iceland.  Have  to admit it wasn’t a country on the top of my bucket list before and it certainly isn’t now.  The media is not painting an attractive picture.  Cold. Desolate.  And now covered with volcanic ash.  But this got me thinking.  What is on my bucket list of travel and what’s on yours?

I hope readers of DesignDestinations will share travel wish lists and thoughts about Iceland in the comment section at the end.

The top five destinations on my bucket list of places to go before I die are:

  1. Chile and Argentina.  I’d like to go to the Lake District, sail the fjords and head Punta Arenas to see the penguins and then to Patagonia to hike and enjoy the vast undeveloped natural landscape.   Have heard Hotel Explora is fabulous.  Would then go to Buenos Aires for tango and all the good times I understand that this glamorous city in South America has to offer.  If I could squeeze out another week in the lower hemisphere, I’d head to the Galapagos.  The stories I have heard about wild life are amazing.

2. Scandinavia.  I have Norwegian blood in me and would love to explore the homeland of some of my ancestors.  The fjords, of course,  but I think there is so much more to see in the land of the mid-night sun.

3.  Australia and New Zealand.  I have friends who spent five weeks there traveling about, sailing a bareboat charter, visiting Sydney with its iconic opera house and sniffing their way through lavender farms.  Ahhhh.  Sounds perfect to me.

4.  Dubai, Egypt and the Blue Nile.  I think the mix of cultures and destinations would be a wonderful juxtaposition of sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Gotta get there.

5.  Rajasthan, India.  I’ve been to Agra, New Deli, Goa and Mumbai, but the pink palaces and gorgeous silks of northwestern India call to me.  Would love to go back to this exotic country.  A little side trip to the Seychelles would be nice too.

And yes, there are tons of other places to see in the big world.  What’s on your bucket list for when the skis clear and travel resumes?  Please share your wishes.

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Susan J. Smith
Susan's career includes writing for newspapers, lots of community work and a wonderful family life. Now she is enjoying traveling, photography and writing for DesignDestinations and Grand Rapids Magazine. She welcomes you on her journey and appreciates your comments.


  1. posted by
    Georgia Gietzen
    Apr 21, 2010 Reply

    Fiji and stay in one of those thatched “cottages” over the dazzling clear blue ocean . . . maybe I could tie that into a BIG LONG extended trip down under to Australia and New Zealand.

  2. posted by
    Apr 21, 2010 Reply

    oh…..sounds lovely. May I join you?

  3. posted by
    Margaret Cheff
    Apr 22, 2010 Reply

    I have too many places on my bucket list to do in a lifetime…but to start with, I’d consider these:
    Climb Kilamanjaro, hike the Haute Route, explore Patagonia, and visit Machu Picchu (hiking the Cordillera Blanca the week before). I’m not sure in which order I’d do them but I suppose I should do the most physically challenging ones first since I’m not getting any younger!

  4. posted by
    jean mcomber
    Apr 22, 2010 Reply

    i can,t travel anymore but you help me enjoy so many placeson your dd. thanks. mom

  5. posted by
    Peggy DePersia
    Apr 26, 2010 Reply

    Here goes……
    I’ve had Scotland on my list for some time now. I want to see the heather and taste the scotch, the mother’s brew.
    I need to revisit Italy because it is beloved.
    Alsace Lorraine is the land of my ‘peeps’….gotta go there one day.
    Have not seen nearly enough of the south of France.
    Hot, hot, hot, humid, humid, humid places are not for me. High Altitudes are not so good either.
    The Greek Islands seem like a must; missed too much on my first go ’round.
    Good for starters or should I say enders?

  6. posted by
    Melanie Rogers
    May 2, 2010 Reply

    I probably won’t be going too far afield for a while after my return from a month in the EU next week, but it won’t keep me from planning! I will soon be visiting some places not on my bucket list (Germany, Luxembourg, Amsterdam) one on (Lake Como) and back to a fav, Paris. This all due to my daughters work and vacation schedule.
    Susan’s top pick has been my stated next great adventure as well, Argentina and Chile. Want to go bad!
    I also loved, loved, loved Turkey last fall, saw Istanbul and Cappidocia. Would like to explore more of Turkey.
    Fiji has been up there on my list as well, need “special company” for that one!
    And, might I add, “climb Kilamanjaro” Margaret, really??? Not at all on my list, but what a woman! You go!

  7. posted by
    Steve Samson
    May 18, 2010 Reply


    I love your travel blog……I’m jealous but inspired!

    Steve Samson

  8. posted by
    May 18, 2010 Reply

    thank you.

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