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Josh Groban Entertains at Interlochen Arts Camp


 During the four hours that we visited Interlochen Arts Camp to picnic and to hear pop singer and California native,  Josh Groban sing,  the weather went from sunny with light breeze to big black thunder clouds and rain to gorgeous golden sunset.  It was PURE MICHIGAN.  For the non-MIchiganders, this is the state’s marketing tag.

We’re used to big swings in weather here in the Mitten State.  So, was it a disaster? Not at all.  We tailgated under some beautiful trees while listening to a brass class going on nearby,  strolled the campus and then tucked ourselves into our covered seats before the rain started.

 We could see Mother Nature’s ongoing show through the open sides of the Kresge Auditorium.   Thunder clouds. Sunset.  Light on the trees.  Lovely.


Michiganders are proud of Interlochen Arts Camp and  Academy, nestled in the trees on a lake near the growing Traverse City area.   The camp was founded in 1928 and many talented musicians and performers have attended camp or school here including Josh Groban.

Locals and tourists enjoy the summer concert series.  Good friends  snagged tickets to the Josh Groban concert for the four of us.  Lucky us.    While the setting was Pure Michigan, Josh was Pure Entertainment.

His marvelous voice, lively and slightly goofy interaction with the audience, impressive band and great staging made for a perfect evening.   He shared stories from his time at Interlochen (like a bit of “making out” happened in the practice rooms),  performed impressively on the drums and then gave the drum sticks to a youngster in the audience.


 At the end, the audience kept applauding so he did three encores, ending with what he said is is all time favorite song, Charlie Chaplin’s immortal “Smile.”

And we all  did just that as we made our way to parking lot to make the drive  home.

For Grand Rapids fans, do note that Josh Groban will be performing at the Vandel Arena on October 22.



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  1. posted by
    Aug 20, 2013 Reply

    We’re so lucky to have Interlochen so close by, aren’t we? I enjoyed the Kristofferson concert just a few nights before Josh Groban and we, too, had a gorgeous sunset during the concert. Nice blog, Susan.

    • posted by
      Aug 20, 2013 Reply

      Thank you.

  2. posted by
    Aug 31, 2013 Reply

    I have wanted to see Josh in concert and now it is definitely going on my bucket list!

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