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Visual Impression of Colorado Summer

A long weekend in Colorado in July left me with some pretty strong visual impressions.  Having spent time in Colorado during ski season I am accustomed but always in awe of the dramatic scenery and memorable terrain of this Rocky Mountain state. Instead of snow, rainbows and sunsets highlighted the trip.   Summer has its own charms to   enjoy.  Possibly because the west has always had a “can do” attitude, rough and rugged, the spirit is about being free to be expressive, which is what I enjoyed about this storefront in Vail.


The flowers are amazing.  I was told we were in the middle of wildflower season which I immensely enjoyed.  I also found the Betty Ford Garden in Vail to be a delightful spot for meandering.  Who would have thought there would be so many green thumbs in the Rockies?

And then there’s these guys, hanging out at Colorado’s version of the famous Soggy Dollar in the islands.  Looks like they are having fun and preserving the spirit of the Wild West.  Loved our guide–Cha Cha–on a rafting trip.  He took us on a lively trip down the Colorado River with just enough white water to make it exciting for us city folks.

I found the focus on art especially appealing.  It appeared in all kinds of forms in a variety of materials and when you least expected it.  For example, look at this sculpture created from “found material” on the bank of the Colorado River where we stopped for a granola bar and drink of water.

Or the piece on the great lawn near the performance hall in Vail that makes me think of Matisse’s famous Dance.  And then I could  not help but think of my friend who collects pig images when I saw this at a garden store.  Some enterprising person even turned the trees demolished by the beetles into art.   Something for everyone, right?

The people we saw were active, alive and clearly enjoying the out-of-doors.  Biking, hiking, rafting, hanging out enjoying the stunning blue sky and mountain vistas draw people to this area. Dinner in a yurt becomes a special occasion.   People watching in this amazing setting appealed to me.   There’s a marvelous sense o f humor and creative spirit that will bring me back.

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Susan J. Smith
Susan's career includes writing for newspapers, lots of community work and a wonderful family life. Now she is enjoying traveling, photography and writing for DesignDestinations and Grand Rapids Magazine. She welcomes you on her journey and appreciates your comments.


  1. posted by
    Cindy Schad`
    Jul 30, 2010 Reply

    Our favorite place to “be”!

  2. posted by
    Margaret Cheff
    Jul 30, 2010 Reply

    Ditto Cindy’s response….”my favorite place to be”, too! You captured the essence of Colorado well….even without the snow capped mountains of winter. And I love the “guy” (or is it a “gal”) with the long grey hair and a Scottish plaid skirt. There’s always one in every crowd 🙂

  3. posted by
    Jul 31, 2010 Reply

    I agree. I love the kilt. This couple were in the line at the outdoor concert in Vail. Having a picnic on the lawn. They clearly have their own personal style.

  4. posted by
    sallie B
    Aug 1, 2010 Reply

    loved your blog,we are presently in Vail for one more glorious week,hiking,golfing ,rafting and dining. The flowers are especially gorgeous this summer due to lots of afternoon showers… We have been enjoying International Dance festival at Ford Park…Stunning talent, King of Tap Savion Glover was awesome. Beijing dancers next…you’re right everyone is fit and healthy…..We saw the kilt couple at interfaith chapel, small world….

  5. posted by
    Aug 1, 2010 Reply

    The flowers are amazing!!

  6. posted by
    Val Schmieder
    Aug 2, 2010 Reply

    Thanks for sharing the great photographs of Colorado. I forget how beautiful the mountains are in the summer, as are the tourists!
    Looks like you are having a fun summer. My best to you and Jack.

  7. posted by
    Aug 2, 2010 Reply

    Hi Val, I’m wondering if you looked at the Post on dinner in a Yurt? If so, you might recognize some of the folks on the deck of the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse. sjs

  8. posted by
    the Success Ladder
    Aug 5, 2010 Reply

    Amazing post. I have bookmarked your site. I am looking forward to reading more

  9. posted by
    Leah Missbach Day
    Aug 7, 2010 Reply

    You are very funny Susan! Great entry.

  10. posted by
    sallie bowie
    Jul 13, 2015 Reply

    reviewing your blog , getting ready for another week in magical colorado.. cannot wait

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