April 14, 2014


Paris Restaurant Recommendations

 It happens every Spring.  I can count on it.  Friends and acquaintances start sending me emails asking for recommendations for where to eat  in Paris.We like Paris, try to get there every other year, and so it  is a natural we get requests.  But it is hard for me for me to make suggestions.  A [...]

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April 6, 2014


Guest Blogger Shares Burma Experience

 by Brooke Cornetet, Guest Blogger     “It’s hard to put the feel of Burma as a country into words. One thing that is for sure about Burma is that it is a place of mystery.” Although it is now recognized as Myanmar there is an air of confusion about it within the country because [...]

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March 30, 2014


Cuban Creativity

“Sometimes the muse comes and we do very creative work.  Other years we do ordinary work and let the spirit lay fallow,”  explained Hector,  a Cuban farmer turned ceramist. We visited his creative and beautiful farm/pottery studio somewhere between Varadero and Havana and saw examples of both the very creative and ate lunch on what [...]

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March 25, 2014


Cuba: Decline and Decay

Cuba Will Break your Heart I don’t typically  write about decline and decay.  I’m interested in new, cutting edge, historic, artistic, interesting, creative, stimulating and yadayada.  If you follow my weekly blog you know.  Sure some times guest bloggers jump in there to write about fording rivers in Africa, pretending to be elephants to scare [...]

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March 17, 2014


Cuba: Time Stands Still

“I land in Cuba and arrive in 1959.”  “Going to Cuba is like stepping foot on the set of  ‘Grease’.” “When you go to Cuba you need to set your watch back 50 years.” These are the  kinds of things written about Cuba  and yep, they are all true. I visited Cuba in January on [...]

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March 10, 2014

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Enjoy the Rainy Coast of Oregon

  by Linda Laughter, guest blogger, If you love wine, rain, seafood, fresh markets, art galleries, moderate priced accommodations, and rain, this is the trip for you. My fellow traveler and driver, husband Don and I headed out from Portland for a 2 day whirlwind tour of the beautiful Oregon coast. We will learn the [...]

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March 2, 2014


Ultimate Cool: Palm Springs Modernism Week

 When I mentioned to friends that I’d be going to Palm Springs—a hot spot for everything cool— to attend Modernism Week events with a long time and special friend who lives there, the reactions were interesting.  Some people’s eyes would light up.  “Oh, lucky you,” would be the comment.  I know they were thinking about [...]

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February 24, 2014


Don’t Miss Eataly in Chicago

If you haven’t been to Eataly in Chicago….hmmmm….you are missing out! Do put it on your list of places to visit in the Windy City.  What is it?  Eataly Chicago and it’s sister in New York are ALL things Italian.  Like really yummy tasty stuff.  The huge  two story castle of consumption just off Michigan [...]

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February 16, 2014


Four Great DesignDestinations in Miami

  When people think of Miami they think of the skimpy attire on South Beach…..…….the super sized  frothy cocktails…..the  boisterous block parties…..or the strong Cuban vibe.  While all fun, I have four great alternatives to recommend.  I will  call them DesignDestinations.  Visit the Pérez Art Museum Miami First, be sure to head to the new [...]

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February 9, 2014


Fording Rivers

  by  Kate Dernocoeur, guest blogger One special aspect of the Great Walk of Africa is that it is the only “boots on the ground” safari allowed in Tsavo National Park. It was just us: eight tourists, our guide (Alex), the walk’s founder (Iain Allen), and four Samburu protectors versus the entire wild world of [...]

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